Effortel is a global BSS/OSS provider, a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) and Operator (MVNO). It was founded in 2006 in Brussels, Belgium.

EMS, the Effortel Mobile Suite, is our own centralized platform with a true centralized multi-segmented, multi-country, multi-currency infrastructure and intensive real-world experience, for both MNOs and MVNOs.

Effortel provides MVNE managed services to its MVNOs across the globe. We also provide professional and consulting services to carriers under our Effortel Elastic service.

The Effortel World

With successful operations up and running for Carrefour Mobile in Belgium, Italy, Poland and Taiwan, Effortel has been an established MVNE since 2008. Effortel has already launched over 30 large and autonomous MVNOs in Europe, running on 8 Mobile Network Operators in the Middle East, Euro-Asia, Africa and Asia, and has delivered versatile services to MNOs in those regions.

Effortel’s clients

Effortel’s clients include multiple retail MVNOs, 2 banking MVNOs for the largest Kenyan bank and Russia’s second largest bank, multiple ethnic MVNOs and quad players.

Effortel works closely with carriers such as Vodafone, Orange, Tele2, Airtel and Melita.

Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, Effortel employs over 160 telecom professionals globally.

To date, Effortel is the only telecom operator in the world that has managed to deploy a centralized infrastructure solution with such a wide geographical reach.

Effortel also owns 2 MVNOs, we run our own MVNOs in Italy and Belgium using our MVNE technology, so, we have a unique insight into the needs of our MVNO clients.


Effortel won the MVNE of the year award for three consecutive years in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

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