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Effortel has vast experience from over 15 years, launching more than 30 large, autonomous MVNOs in Europe, running on 8 Mobile Network Operators in Europe, the Middle East, Euro-Asia, Africa, and Asia — the only MVNE in the world to deploy a centralized infrastructure solution with such a wide geographical reach

Why work with Effortel

Effortel products offer our customers a wide range of business benefits that increase their efficiency and expand their revenue streams

  • Quick Time to Market
  • Machine learning-based churn identification and prediction
  • Improved user experience and process automation for increased accuracy and efficiency
  • Increased customer satisfaction from event-triggered automated customer-reward systems
  • Self-service for lower total cost of ownership
  • Effective dealer management, real-time control and monitoring
  • Automated identification of revenue leaks closes revenue gaps for accurate billing and revenue assurance

Effortel services — MVNE, Elastic and Consultancy — provide highly skilled and experienced professionals, allowing the operator to focus on their core business.

Effortel services offer organizations a wide range of benefits

Translate your vision into a clearly defined set of technical requirements

Ramp up professional levels and ensure the most efficient and cost-effective operations

Consulting from highly experienced teams on business planning and modelling, go-to-market strategy, technology imperatives, and more

Embed our skilled technical experts in your IT team to ensure dynamic high-quality resource scaling

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