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  • Java
  • Front-end
  • .NET software development
  • QA
  • Technical writing
  • Business analysis
  • Product
  • Scrum master
  • System
  • Network and database administration
  • Project Management
  • NSOC
  • OPS Support
  • Intelligent Network Engineering
  • Service Desk
  • UX Design

Enjoy our friendly, informal environment and open, honest communication. We share our knowledge and help each other out.

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We self-organize and work in a nurturing environment, free of micromanagement or censorship. We are treated with respect and treat others with respect.

We thrive in an atmosphere of both professional development and respect for work-life balance.

Effortel is spread globally in Brussels, Sofia, Milan, Moscow, Nairobi, Limassol, Tel Aviv, Vilnius and Tirana.

Our offering to our employee includes: Competitive salaries with a wide range of benefits, courses and events. But most importantly, we make sure that you know you belong at Effortel and are part of a dynamic, motivating team

The People Behind Our Story

Our people make Effortel great, so we do our best to provide a creative environment in which our employees can thrive and excel.

Working at Effortel

What’s my favourite thing about Effortel? Without hesitation I would proudly say: my colleagues. The Effortelian internal culture is stronger than any you’ve seen before. In a nutshell, Effortel is a group of friends supporting each other and trying their best to grow, support and improve their product. There is no alienation feeling or sense of pressure to adapt or change – you come as you are with no conditions and from the get go you are encouraged to treat the software as if you are its owner. The complexity of the product is far from simple, but the environment allows you to plow through difficulties and grow not only as a professional, but as a person.

Georgi Bozukov
Software engineer

What is my favourite thing about Effortel? Well, it’s us – the team, the poeple. I’ve been in the company for the last four years and honestly I’ve been surprised on numerous occasions by the incredible dynamism of the life in Effortel. When I started, the R&D team working on the product was composed by only six people, working tightly on starting up the whole thing. In time, our team has grown up, colourful new personalities adding up to what we already have. Strong team has been created, working on challenging problems and coming up with novel solutions.

Pavel Ganov
Dev Team Lead

In Effortel, I am not just a number in excel table. Our management’s attitude is as to humans not numbers. Tolerance is also abundant. Colleagues are ready to help doesn’t matter how busy they are. Which automatically means – high quality team work. There are a lot of opportunities for improvement (technical skills and management skills). With the diversity of tasks and the dynamic feeling it gives me I can never really get bored. However, I think my most favourite thing about Effortel is that I have opportunity to work with a lot of skilled people and learn (steal) knowledge from them. 🙂 Knowledge transfer is very important as well. In Effortel people are open for sharing knowledge. I hope I did not forgot something important. If it is only one thing I could be sure that I do not miss something. But in Effortel they are a lot.

Pavel Popnikolov
Seniour Operations Support Specialist

What’s my favourite thing about Effortel? Open minded people and open space office – what’s not to like in Effortel. Friendly atmosphere, agile environment and dynamic work – no time for boring routine day life. Nice collaboration between teams, willing to share knowledge on every level – from common easy tasks to complex features which make our product better and better. And, of course the fruits, definitely can’t live without them in the kitchen.

Ivan Atanasov
QA Manager

The first thing I noticed when became a part of Effortel was a great attitude of people towards colleagues and clients. Everybody is considered as an equal member of team and is welcomed to share knowledge and opinion on any matter. This makes Effortel unique in its approach to challenges – we always strike for the best possible solution and search everywhere for possible improvements in everything we do.

Dalgat Khalimbekov
Product Owner

What I like most about Effortel is that it is not the typical bureaucratic company, it is a community of open-minded individuals. There is no communication hierarchy and we encourage and exercise communicating freely with anyone and everyone. For a lot of companies reaching out to high level management is a legend, for us is a reality. Effortel is very welcoming, you can feel wanted and valued. Plus we have great gatherings to keep our spirits up. What’s not to love about that? As a close second on my favourite’s list would for sure be the projects themselves. We work with very interesting and complex IT systems. Having that in mind, you can just imagine how good you feel after you are able to solve any kind of issue. There are no stale moments, you can learn something new every day.

Donada Bichaku
Business Analyst Team Lead
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