Identify your organisation’s strengths.

From media and retail giants to banks, football clubs and ethnic communities, many can benefit from a mobile service.

You’re clear-eyed about why you want to enter the mobile arena. But where to start with the practicalities of building a service?

Fortunately, while mobile may be new for you, the classic marketing mix still applies.


Will you offer a prepaid or contract service? Focus on voice and SMS only, or deliver enhanced services? Target consumers or a business audience?


Can you offer special deals on specific services, such as international calls? Do you have a loyalty programme to integrate? Will you bundle content, or charge each time?


Do you run a strong website or print a catalogue? Can your organisation access radio or TV airtime? Or do you have an established voice within a community?


Do you have a chain of stores in place? Can you partner with someone who does? Or will you focus on the internet as a provisioning and service channel

Payment & customer care

Do you already have a billing relationship with customers? Can they contact you for help? What’s your best channel for delivering credit top-ups?

It’s true that no two businesses are quite the same, but similarities exist within sectors. Your organisation has some inherent advantages through its core operations.

We’ll help you answer all the above questions to define the best service for you and your customers.

Expand your brand.

Offering a mobile network service is about giving your customers a better experience, delivered through your brand.

Customer experience

Let’s look at things from your customers’ perspective. From their point of view, the process has four stages:

Buy ► Use ► Pay ► Care

a SIM card, handset, or starter pack

for calling, SMS, or other services

recharge or other payment method

get advice with questions or problems

There are different ways of handling each stage: from the internet through to stores, other points of sale, invoices, care centres, and the handset itself.

You’ll need to consider your own core strengths. For example: Do you manage your own retail outlets? Do you already have a billing relationship with your customers?

Then you can decide which elements to outsource according to the business model you choose.

Behind the scenes

Many things have to happen to provide a basic service. Once that’s in place, you need to make sure your service is reliable, seamless and efficiently run.

This diagram shows all the major elements from mobile network to the customer experience.

Do you have what it takes?

The European mobile industry has shrugged off its adolescent angst and grown up.

Mature markets now offer genuine opportunities for companies with significantly lower cost structures and dynamic new marketing approaches: the MVNO model.

Yet clearly, going mobile is not for everyone. So what are the key factors that give your business a strong chance?

It’s time to take a hard look at your organisation.

Success factors

Do you already have…

  • a strong brand?
  • a large customer base?
  • a solid distribution network?
  • a billing relationship with your customers?
  • promotional channels (radio, TV, press, or website) which draw potential customers?

With at least three of these elements, you are well on your way to creating a successful MVNO business.

The next steps?

What they say about ‘first-mover advantage’ is true. You need to move fast to define your value proposition, create a business plan, and prepare yourself to enter a whole new world.

It’s a complex and confusing business. Fortunately, we can help.

Finding the right path.

You’ve built a brand and established a customer base. Now you want to go mobile. What’s next?

You face two choices.

  1. Do it yourself
  2. Partner with an MVNE (MVNO-Enabler)

Doing it yourself means going directly to a mobile network operator (MNO). It sounds simple. So why do we suggest using a middleman? And why choose Effortel?

MNOs need to find ways of squeezing value from the customer segments they cannot reach themselves. Which is where you come in. Simply put, an MNO will want the most profitable business model for them.

But will it suit you?

With us, there’s no conflict. We’re only interested in one thing: connecting you with your customers, in the way that’s best for you.

Also, MNOs (and most MVNEs) will only provide a technology platform, leaving you to handle everything else. We believe in real partnerships. Our flexible business models let you choose exactly how involved you want to be.

We’re here to help reduce your risk.

Take the effort out of telecom.

We make mobile easy for you – and for your customers.

Our work together starts with a feasibility study. Together, we take a look at your strengths and weaknesses to identify the niche for your market.

We don’t sugar-coat our review. If going mobile is not right for your business, it’s best for everyone to realise early.

Finding the value

You need a value proposition that will excite your shareholders as much as your customers. And a business plan that takes you from creating a realisable vision through to the steady revenues of a successful business.

We advise you on all this, along with the services that will best meet your customers’ needs and expectations. At every step, we offer practical solutions based on our years of experience with a host of regional operators.

We provide just as much help as you need on the operations side. Based on your current strengths and chosen business model, you decide how involved you want to get.