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IT resource scalling

Our technical expertise embedded
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What is Effortel Elastic?

Effortel Elastic service was created to address one of the key challenges of any organization – a dynamic and skilled resource scaling.

Having worked with global brands in providing mission critical real time services within the Mobile, Telecoms and CRM & BSS/OSS domains we have developed an enviable reputation and expertice that can be employed to serve your organisation‘s needs. We offer this experience in a form of skilled professionals who can be onboarded quickly and efficiently for a specific project or as a permanent employee, either short or long term. Alternatively we can manage the employee for you, leveraging our experience and proven industry standards.

The resources we provide can be seamlessly integrated in your organization adapting your business process and making it hasslefree for you. Effortel Elastic serves both – well established organizations in need for a temporary boost of the workforce or a newly created business that needs guidance building everything right from the beginning.

Deliver flexible expertise at scale
Optimising performance and cost

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