Deliver flexible expertise at scale

Key challenges of optimising performance and cost simultaneously

Executives in every organisation, now more than ever, realise the critical nature of technology in supporting how they operate. As we pass the 30th anniversary of the launch of the internet by Tim Berner’s Lee, and in the light of the COVID19 crisis, remote work is becoming the new normal.

The key challenge is what capability do executives build inside their organisation and to what extent do they secure support from external business partners.

Our observation is that over the last few decades, the outsourcing phenomenon has created a significant business opportunity and spawned multiple US/EU-Indo organisations who provide IT services at scale.

The reality is that technology innovation, like many other things, follows a continuous evolution of innovation with occasional cataclysmic or disruptive change. Certain industries may not be at the forefront paving this future, but they will find themselves invariably driving down the road. Cisco’s Global Cloud Index predicts that over ninety percent of workloads will run in cloud-based data centers by 2025. For instance, today, managing shadow IT assets such as the latest Android phone Continues to be an administrative burden, as mobile applications can fail due to untested software releases that IT cannot control. Ask any mobile application admin about recent IOS updates and you will find that organisations learn of these problems around the same time as users do.

Workers will continue to model and interface with information in a variety of ways that support their work needs, personal productivity preferences and recreational habits. Their needs almost seem to be opposite to the corporate mission, such as the need to consume more mobile data versus striving to contain corporate mobile costs. Using personal devices introduces the opportunity to commingle personal and corporate data, creating a perfect storm of combinations that make users and mobile devices easy prey for data loss, data theft and the perceived loss of services provided by IT.

As a technologist, you are expected to keep all of this technology available while optimising performance and cost simultaneously; you will be pressured beyond anything you have faced before because of the expanding expectations, stagnant budgets and the need to further technology’s role in market innovations.

Smart IT leaders recognise that they are unable to do it all on their own. It is expensive to keep up with new technologies – new initiatives and projects require training and expertise, but bridging the skills-gap can be tricky. Existing technology continues to need care and feeding to maintain expected levels of service and supporting this technology requires regular, ongoing investments in teams, tools, and techniques. Partnering with a trusted managed services provider allows organisations to boost agile IT while preserving service management excellence.

For the enterprise the landscape of Service Providers is a jungle of choices, which offers various services to support the technology that delivers value to business. Service Providers provide system event monitoring and management to an organisation, using an established service level agreement. This service is typically delivered remotely to scale up operations rapidly – it’s at the core of their business model. For these organizations to be able to do it profitably, they quickly reassign task delivery pools from one service to another to provide rapid flexibility and growth. IT functions within an organization may have similar capabilities within application development teams, but it’s not always the same for systems management and infrastructure teams.

Is it possible to successfully create economies of scale and deliver services to organisations at a lower cost than internal IT organisations?

  • Cost/Capex/Simplified Management: You can successfully create economies of scale because they deliver repeatable services and processes. Business partners can provide these services to organisations at a lower cost than internal IT organisations. New service models allow for reduced Opex and Capex costs such as cloud-based technologies versus data center build outs, which offer predictable lease-factored expenses.
  • Transferring operational risk management may be a preferred path that IT teams would happily take to focus on their core IT functions. Most business providers will conduct vulnerability assessments including security risk assessments on infrastructure, applications and the run and operate model. They will rigorously identify and remediate critical vulnerability and service updates to the IT environment. Sophisticated service providers may make the next logical step to deliver and implement business continuity functions as well. The result is a more reliable and protected IT environment for organisations.
  • Business partners live within the framework of supporting the IT operating organisation, to enable rapid expansion. Commonly, business partners may add depth and width to existing teams and/or compliment the IT team with additional unique knowledge. The elastic way that such resources can be implemented is the key for the organisation’s success to keep on going and delivering added value in a competitive market.
  • At a higher commitment level, the business partner may take full responsibility for a system, Service Level Agreements may be executed, as smart partners know how to justify their service delivery performance. To deliver, they will provide good reporting, support response times and other SLA components relevant to the needs of the organisation.
  • Constant demand for innovations fosters business value and competition for service providers, while organisations fear excessively high project-related failure rates. By taking on the start-up costs of investment, training and testing, business partners can offer project cycle maturity and learned lessons to provide something new for your organisation, if not necessarily new to the industry. Through working in this role, business partners may have a closer relationship and more in-depth understanding of vendor technology roadmaps than you do.
  • Experienced business partners may deliver expertise that is hard to secure regarding specific systems and methodologies. It is extremely important to pick up an agile partner that has the right expertise to ensure delivery.
  • In certain countries, business partners have the reach to more economical resources through remote access from various regions. Since remote development work is becoming a more common practice, one can use the opportunity to get timely delivery for greater value.

While the numerous benefits certainly make the case to evaluate a business partner, some IT professionals approach the model with skepticism. Drivers of doubt include the fear of relinquishing control to a 3rd party organisation or the negative internal publicity if a service provider fails to deliver adequate services. Bringing on a business partner can be a costly mistake if you partner with the wrong provider. We highlight some important considerations to help make sure your teams will be in alignment and have a successful on-going service delivery outcome.

Understanding the fundamental industry skills and certifications will allow you to make sure that basic industry professionalism exists within the service provider’s model. Many business partners have partnerships with technology leaders and cannot operate without minimum certification requirements that are periodically recertified. Digging deeper into the heritage, service record, management and capability areas will help you to identify providers that are right technologists, those who avoid being all things to all people.

Business partners by nature become a logical extension of the organisations they serve. Therefore, the most suitable partner should maintain points of presence whatever your organisation does. If a major incident immobilises your human IT assets, your business partner could provide continuation of IT service delivery from a different corporate location.

Can your business provider provide a skilled workforce, on a contingent basis to your business?

How quickly can the business partner fulfill such a request, while still delivering the resources at the right quality?

Depending on your organisational IT needs and growth, having a business partner that can collocate or work remotely to most flexibly fit for your needs is essential.

Effortel Elastic enables solutions and quality services for clients to maximise performance

We facilitate teams daily workload by designing and developing sophisticated and customised solutions that work especially for client organisations. We have strengthened our organisation over the years thanks to ongoing customer support and the continued dedication of our employees. At Effortel we are absolutely aware that our people are our greatest asset.

Application faults and performance problems have immediate and negative business consequences for productivity, cost, revenue and reputation to an organisation.

Having a service partner who can deliver quantifiable ROI / TCO is essential to building a successful IT service for any organisation. A proper business partner implementation will demonstrate cost reduction and provide a high level of service that will position IT organisations to become more competitive to meet emerging business challenges. This allows IT team to continue the never-ending quest to innovate and prove its value to the organisation.

The ability to secure access to high quality and talented resources allow Effortel teams to integrate with your existing IT teams or take accountability for a particular area to add depth and breath to your capability. We call this Effortel Elastic.

About Effortel

Effortel has developed an enviable reputation in service delivery. The heritage stems from having worked with global brands and providing mission critical real time services within the Mobile, Telecoms and CRM & BSS/OSS domains. In addition, we have worked extensively with Financial Services organisations globally to bring proposition extensions to their Banking customers.

This has required us to provide deep domain expertise in the following areas:

  • CRM & Billing
  • Business Support Systems [BSS], Operational Support Systems [OSS]
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Run & Operate Services inc DevOps
  • Bespoke Engineering Services
  • Programme & Project Management

Why Effortel?

Delivered Managed & Ongoing IT Services across Telecoms with Global MNOs [Mobile Network Operators], MVNOs [Mobile Virtual Network Operators] and Financial Services organisations since 2006.

Team competencies range from software and quality engineering through telecom CRM & Billing to operations at scale. Effortel has built and delivers daily real-time operational service and to serve its clients.

Significant experience in serving clients remotely across time zones and continents, with clients in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Product, vendor and industry agnostic with specialisations in particular platforms but able to serve any IT system and subsystem regardless of brand and supplier.

Access to an extensive pool of talent and ability to expand through accelerated onboarding, and at great value to increase clients’ competitive edge.

Our track record

Currently, Effortel manages multiple MVNOs on its platforms – three MVNOs in cooperation with Carrefour (Carrefour Mobile Belgium, Carrefour Uno Mobile Italy and Carrefour Telecom Taiwan), as well as providing MVNE services to Daily Telecom, Optima, Taza Mobile, Total and Vodafone in Italy, VOO in Belgium, Equitel in Kenya, as well as TTK Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Akado Mobile in Russia on Tele2 Russia network. Several other MVNOs including Carrefour Mova (Poland), FM Group (Poland), Samatel (Oman Sultanate), Vodafone Malta, Bakcell (Azerbaijan) and Vodafone Bladna in Italy have been enabled by Effortel.

Effortel is a leading MVNO consultant with Tier-1 clients such as Globe (Philippines), Israel Post, Alon Group (Israel), and Eagle Mobile (Albania).

Taking this forward

We see a renaissance in demand for innovative business partners, as business leaders sponsor the digital transformation that is such an imperative to realise their potential and next level of performance. The ability to partner with an established organisation who has the track record and expertise to deliver flexible expertise at scale is more important than ever.

We look forward to leveraging Effortel Elastic with you.

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