Effortel Mobile Suite


Management for

Effortless Growth

Effortless Management for Effortless Growth

Our cutting-edge platform digitalizes your operations through its comprehensive features, allowing you to concentrate on delivering exceptional services.

Discover the Power of Unique Business Benefits


Eliminate Time from the Product Launch Equation

Effortlessly manage your products and promotions with our fully digitalized product catalogue, enabling you to create and modify offerings on-the-fly. Customize compatibilities and eligibilities, define sale channels and rules. EMS provides you with the flexibility and agility to respond swiftly to changing market demands.

No More Coding — Tailor the System Without Any Help
Create dealers, agents, virtual operators or resellers within minutes. Adjust terms of payment, renewal and usage priorities. Configure events, status change triggers and notifications to ensure smooth operations and timely communication. Modify settings instantly or arrange them for later execution, eliminating the need for deployment wait times.
End-to-End Postpaid Segment Support
Carrier-grade capabilities, offering flexible taxation setup and robust support for revenue assurance and collection management across various customer types and lines of business. Experience the convenience of managing all these features on a single platform, ensuring optimized and secure cash flow management.
Convergent Service Management and Control
Real-time charging solution adheres to 3GPP standards and offers end-to-end security, bandwidth, and latency control. Our single rating engine supports all segments, handles millions of subscribers in real time, and empowers operators to deliver superior services and optimize network resources. With real-time monitoring, control, and optimization capabilities, our solution ensures seamless operations.
Seamless 360-degree view
Our robust Customer Management interface empowers EMS users to effortlessly recruit and service customers with lightning speed. With a comprehensive 360-degree view of subscriber-related data available in real time, you can make informed decisions and provide exceptional customer service.

Major Attributes of EMS


SaaS And

On-Premises Platform

EMS can be deployed on cloud or on-premises. Multi-tenancy setting, for unique sets of configurations, tools, and processes for each client. Network-ready integration plug-ins.



Backend And Frontend

Complete decoupling of backend from frontend. Each operates as a separate application, communicating through APIs. Simple integration between clients’ systems and required modules and components of the EMS platform.
Custom system security adapted to operators’ needs based on OAuth2, TLS on data transfer level, and Checkpoint firewalls on network level. Multi-tenancy Ethical Wall approach. Annual breach audit, annual SOC type 1 audit, and CISSP certified CSO.
High Performance
Robust architecture and performance algorithms contribute to the platform’s high capacity to process huge amounts of data events and subscriber actions per second.
Full support of all standard industry protocols via backward compatible APIs. Integration with third-party systems via APIs to collect external data for configuring promotions, actions, and notifications on EMS side. Self-service capabilities enable operators to configure user roles and permissions, resources, reports, and notifications.
Horizontally and vertically scalable architecture supports an unlimited subscriber volume. Robust reliability due to fully mirrored vendor-agnostic infrastructure and replicated, clustered data bases. Virtualised infrastructure and containerisation allow faster provisioning and eliminate downtime.
Seamless fail-over process prevents service interruption following a possible outage in a data center. Guaranteed transaction completion. Guaranteed event message delivery. Load balancing ensures that the incoming requests are forwarded to the cluster’s least-loaded module. Full geo-redundancy on infrastructure, transmission, and suppliers.
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