Planning an MVNO. Getting off to the right start is essential

There are obstacles to going mobile, but with the right partner who understands how to work with network operators, you can easily overcome them.

With a solid analysis of the pros and cons, a clear vision of the kind of service you want to offer, an experienced partner will save you time, money and complications.

Feasibility study

Together, we look at your strengths and weaknesses to identify your market niche and assess if this is the business for you from the outset.

You need a value proposition that will excite your shareholders as much as your customers, plus, a business plan that takes you from creating a realizable vision through to the steady revenues of a successful business.

With a clear idea of your audience, we create a business case with projections that account for subscriber numbers, costs and revenues.

If you’ve already done the groundwork, we can review it and point out the less obvious pitfalls. We provide realistic estimates for gross adds, ARPU, and churn so you can make more accurate ROI predictions based on our existing operations.

We’re not business consultants, we have practical experience – we’ve actually launched and continue to run many MVNOs, so we have solid experience and historical data to back up our recommendations.

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Product and Pricing

The right technology is essential to an MVNO’s success. But it’s worthless if you don’t give your customers what they want. So our team includes both experienced and specialized technical specialists and marketing experts.

They’ll help you define the appropriate product and pricing, and a compelling offer for your chosen target audience.

We offer practical solutions based on our years of experience with operators around the world. What kind of services will appeal to your customers? Prepaid or contract? How will you target them? What value-added services will you offer? Which ones will you charge for?

You’ll also need to consider your sales and distribution channels, customer care provisioning and, of course, how you position your offer against the other operators in your market.

Our team will help you develop an offer that works for your market, including elements such as:

  • Segmentation and positioning
  • Service definition
  • Reload (top-up) strategy
  • Mobile device strategy
  • Service pricing
  • Distribution
  • Promotion, advertising, and merchandising
  • Branding

With our global reach and widely varying customer segmentation, we’ve had the opportunity to test dozens of pricing strategies, reacting to diverse market situations. Our platform enables us to adopt new pricing models quickly. We analyze your and tweak your approach for maximum impact and revenue

Negotiation support

Industry wide, the principle of the MVNO model is to tap into a niche and serve it efficiently. Tight margins are inevitable.

But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the minimum. Our negotiation support will help you achieve the best wholesale rates.

Successful negotiators understand the needs of the other party. Our strategic associations with the largest mobile operators give us insights into what they are looking for from an MVNO. We’ve negotiated many major wholesale contracts resulting in great margins, and we’ll do this for you, helping you directly and indirectly negotiate with MNOs.


The benefits MNOs themselves gain through integrating with our superior platform and operational team result in better pricing deals for you.

We also offer clear tactical advantages by pointing out potential hidden costs unfamiliar to those new to the MVNO world.

Our experiences with many MNOs, combined with the efficiencies inherent in our platform and approach, mean we can find a mutually beneficial compromise.

We offer indirect support by providing guidelines to best practices in negotiating with MNOs.

We can also comment on draft proposals and contracts, or our experts can participate directly in negotiations to ensure that you get the best terms for lasting growth.

Your questions and comments are important to us

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