Running an MVNO. If you’re already running an MVNO, Effortel can help you get more out of your integration partners

A strong and lasting customer proposition has four key elements:

  • Segmentation and positioning
  • Service definition
  • Reload (top-up) strategy
  • Mobile device strategy

There are obstacles to going mobile, but with the right partner who understands how to work with network operators, you can easily overcome them.

With a solid analysis of the pros and cons, a clear vision of the kind of service you want to offer, an experienced partner will save you time, money and complications.

We offer the full range of transaction processing and management services.

How are things going so far?

Do you use your own platform? Or is it provided by your MNO or MVNE partner? We’ve heard many stories of frustration.

Unstable platforms that were a nightmare to implement and costly to manage — yet soon run out of capacity or don’t support the services required.

Effortel gives you THE TOOLS TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR OFFERING, so you can make the changes your business needs to stay competitive.

A better platform

Our wholly-owned mobile service technology connects all your back-office systems with your network partner.

More flexibility

We implement the service changes you require — fast. No more feeling like a second-class citizen. You’re in full control of your services.

Lower costs

Our international scale helps us minimize your operational costs. We can also negotiate very attractive wholesale pricing from MNOs, which can increase your margins considerably.

Are you looking to increase your MVNO’s efficiency? A good place to start is our wholesale bill checker.

Wholesale Bill Checker

Wholesale bills are usually complex and sometimes contain errors. Our Bill Checker runs through the invoice you receive from your MNO partner each month and identifies any discrepancies.

Known as “wholesale reconciliation”, our automated software tool simulates the wholesale bill based on real Call Data Records (CDR) to check that bills have been issued correctly.

It identifies any errors in calculations and forwards data records for the required action. It also ensures that the host operator is billing the MVNO according to agreed wholesale prices.

We can also perform precise simulations. So if you’ve just negotiated a new pricing model, ask your MNO for a sample bill and we’ll check it to make sure it accurately reflects your expectations.

We perform one check for you free of charge, so you can see the advantages of our checker immediately.

Our Bill Checker runs through the invoice you receive from your MNO partner each month and identifies any discrepancies.

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