Effortel develops, deploys, launches and manages BSS/OSS platforms for MVNO and small-medium MNOs world-wide based on our products that have been proven for over 15 years at operators around the world.

Effortel Mobile Suite (EMS)

The Effortel Mobile Suite (EMS) is a fully automated, telecom BSS platform solution that supports end-to-end business activities of both MVNOs and MNOs.

A robust end-to-end product suite, EMS reduces service providers’ dependency on MNVEs via a comprehensive range of self-service capabilities, a high level of customization flexibility, and full automation of marketing and business intelligence processes.

Effortel Mobile Suite
Effortel Spotlight

Effortel Spotlight is an advanced revenue verification and reconciliation product for retail and wholesale data records.

Spotlight compares the billable CDRS to CDRs created by the switches or by external sources or partners to detect all gaps, create an online presentation of the information, while enabling relevant reports.

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