Mobile Suite

EMS is an innovative open platform providing end-to-end solutions for MVNOs and MNOs that includes a predefined rich set of functionality that simplifies all processes.

Rich Functionality
Customer Management

With our Customer Management interface, EMS users can recruit and serve customers quickly, offering a 360-degree view of subscriber-related data in real-time, and easily access and update detailed subscriber data in less than a second.

Rich Functionality
Product and Resource Management

A friendly Product Catalog for easy definition of new products, pricing plans and promotions. Resource Management imports all product manufacturer data, while allocating resources to facilities. EMS makes tracking trending sales possible, solving any major logistics issues before they occur.

Rich Functionality
3rd Party Integration

EMS is an extremely open and flexible platform that integrates with almost any 3rd party system. It handles huge numbers of subscription activations, multiple partners and facilities, and an increasing number of orders without compromising on service quality and offers self-configuration and self-service enabled at an unmatched level.

Rich Functionality
Real-time Service Management and Control

EMS enables serving millions of subscribers with the optimal number of resources in real-time. It applies the telecom’s organizational structure by assigning and managing different employee user roles and permissions authorization.

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Major Attributes of EMS

SaaS Solution

Cloud deployment with accelerated time to market for new products, tariff plans, and promotions.

Multi-tenancy setting, for unique sets of configurations, tools, and processes for each MVNO or MNO. Ready network integration plug-ins.


Use of external data via integration with external systems for promotions, actions, notifications. Full support of all standard industry protocols.

Self-service capabilities enable operators to configure independently — user roles and permissions, resources (PoS), Reports and notifications.

Multi Play Billing

Billing on events, sessions, timing, location, calendar; one-time, recurring/external charges. Flexible bundling with fixed-line, mobile, BB, DSL, IPTV, cable, content allowing generation of a single invoice including all services.

Supports eTOM and non-telco business processes with an out-of-the-box package that can be fine-tuned.


Horizontally and vertically scalable architecture supports unlimited subscribers. Robust reliability due to fully mirrored vendor-agnostic infrastructure and replicated, clustered data bases. Virtual machine environment simulates the underlying hardware.


Custom system security adapted to mobile operators’ needs based on OAuth2 and Checkpoint firewalls.

Multi-tenancy Chinese Wall approach. Annual breach audit, annual SOC type 1 audit, and CISSP certified CSO.


Seamless fail-over process prevents service interruption following an outage in a data center.

Guaranteed transaction completion. Guaranteed event message delivery.

High performance

Robust architecture and performance algorithms contribute to the platform’s high capacity to process huge amounts of data events and subscriber actions per second. Read and write through operations utilize memory on top of traditional data bases.

Business Benefits

Quick Time to Market

Creates and launches promotions and products commercially within minutes, using marketing campaigns that significantly accelerate time to market.

Instant Product Line Tracking

Precise dynamic segmentation and performance tracking creates successful marketing campaigns, making it easy to track the product line’s success at a glance.

Churn Identification and Prediction

A machine learning algorithm automatically calculates probabilities that are instantly visualized to customer care representatives, which prevent churn.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Uses an event triggered automated customer-reward system, in a simple and easy manner.

Improved User Experience

Provides telecom employees with the tools to independently manage and control all users and permission-related issues.

Self-service for Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Minimizes the time required to perform changes and reduces headcount, enabling a smaller number of employees to successfully manage a large number of subscribers.

Effective Dealer Management

Provides a 360-degree view of all dealers’ activities, providing real-time control and monitoring, increasing efficiency.

Process Automation

Enables lower headcount, precise subscriber base segmentation, and execution of multi-staged marketing campaigns, minimizing back-office errors.

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Get answers to your specific questions, and find out why Effortel is the right choice for you

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