An advanced revenue verification and reconciliation product for retail and wholesale data records.

Effortel Spotlight is an easy to use, near real-time tool, that:

  • Identifies revenue leaks
  • Assists in identifying the root causes of revenue leaks
  • Identifies gaps between retail and wholesale CDRs
  • Offers support for wholesale invoice disputes in cases of overcharging by a partner
  • Provides early indication regarding PCAT misconfiguration
  • Indicates early issues with signaling, mediation or traffic in general
  • Presents an immediate picture of current system performance based on E2E metrics (CDRs) that can be used for both financial and technical monitoring

Effortel Spotlight focuses on three core commercial purposes:

Securing proper billing and charging of end users.

Avoiding overcharging by partners and claw back money in cases of overcharging.

Solving disputes with roaming and wholesale partners

The Effortel Spotlight revenue verification, reconciliation and monitoring product compares all types of classified data records, running comparisons between retail and wholesale xDRs on an hourly basis.

Its intuitive and ergonomic user interface clearly indicates the health of traffic type reconciliation per each type of traffic — local data consumption, messaging, roaming data, premium voice, and more.

Furthermore, a built-in notifications engine enables the identification of irregularities in near real-time, for fast incident resolution. This prevents losses that occur when such discrepancies go unnoticed for longer periods.

Spotlight covers a large amount of use cases and may be used to monitor the operator’s complete financial and technical performance.

Built-in unique functionalities enable fast, real-time drill down to a particular traffic direction (e.g., France or Peru) or segment (e.g., EDR) within a particular timeframe (e.g., discrepancy in calls to France detected at 9-9:15am).

This greatly reduces the time required by operations engineers to detect the root cause of the discrepancy, saving operational costs and speeding up resolution time.

On MSISDN selection detailed sessions are displayed

Display top 1000 subscribers with most deviation

Period selection

5 minute trend for impact period assessment

2 sessions that are not charged on retail MVNO level

Local data analysis screen


Open page on desktop browser to view the interface of Local Data Analysis screen

System data outputs assist the customer in invoice disputes with detailed information drilling down to the subscriber level. TAP files provide information down to session IDs. The combination of fast discrepancy detection and detailed corresponding proof data allows our customers to claim and preempt damages in a timely manner as the damage claim timeframe is contractually limited.

Effortel Spotlight can process billions of xDRs in sub-seconds.

Using open-source technologies also enables a greater level of configurability and customization, which is crucial as customer needs and sources may vary.

Business Benefits


The ability to quickly close revenue gaps for accurate billing, using few resources increases revenues and improves Return on Investment.

Ability to Analyze Data Retroactively

Facilitates finding and recovering lost revenues, securing future income.

Easy Scale-up and Expansion

Covers charging verification for additional content, and of new wholesale and roaming partners, enabling rapid addition of new revenue streams.

Intuitive Presentation and Drill Down Options

Facilitates easy identification of gaps and allows action to be taken quickly, securing revenues.

Reporting Capabilities

The analyzed data may be included in periodic or ad-hoc reports for added convenience and ease of use.

Quick System Remedy

An in-built notifications engine allows detection of irregularities in near real time, for fast incident resolution and system remedy

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