From idea to set up to management, Effortel offers hands on consulting based on over 15 years of deep expertise with setting up MVNOs and cutting-edge technology

Running our own MVNOs means we understand both the technology and the business processes behind each MVNO business. We have expertise in successfully running an MVNO and we provide the highest quality services to help our clients achieve their goals and beat the competition.

We are behind more than 10 integrations to MNOs and launches of over 30 MVNOs.

Effortel offers you:

  • Quick time to market
  • Reduced costs and risk
  • Ability to easily start and grow an MVNO
  • The right technical solution
  • Long term experience with various MVNOs types
  • Advanced business processes
  • Effective project management

Our expertise

Business planning and modelling

Analysis and presentation of potential MVNO business models

MVNO business case and plan

MNO pitch

MVNO organizational structure and staffing principles

Go-to-market strategy

Branding, communications strategy

Product line-up, pricing, future product roadmap and differentiation

Distribution and sales strategy

Technology imperatives

Platform integration and roll-out roadmap

Network technology choices and options

Billing, rating, and IT strategy

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