You design the MVNO you want…
We supply questionnaires covering everything from pricing plans and bundles to voicemail trees and notification messages. Many processes are standardised, allowing us to use templates intelligently. Others offer more options. It’s like choosing the cloth and fit of a new suit. The answers you provide define the shape your MVNO will take.

…we build it to your specifications
Once we’ve connected the platform, we take your designs—from the template library and the specs you’ve given us—and assemble your MVNO while fine-tuning integration with the MNO at the same time. The final result is a mix of bespoke elements and off the peg solutions. The sections below show many of the key elements we design and build.

Where our platform meets the MNO systems.

• Network Architecture setup
• IT Architecture setup for provisioning, SMS bulk & mediation
• Network interconnection
• IT Interconnection Logical Diagram
• Network & IT connectivity
• System Monitoring

The specific services you offer and how they appear to your customers.

• Call flows for Voice, SMS, MMS, Data services (incl. ‘short’/‘special’ numbers)
• Announcements for new MVNO’s IVR
• Pre-connection announcements
• MSC announcements (network failures, barring, service announcements)
• MVNO subscriber originated calls
• SMS Bulk interface: define and set up

Connecting your supply chain with your MNO.

• SIM Card supply with MNO
• Management of MSISDN with MNO

The key elements of product and pricing.

• MVNO’s commercial offer
• Customer life-cycle policy

Our operational support systems manage the complete service customer life cycle, from sign-up and number porting through to inventory management, system monitoring and troubleshooting. Business support connects the telecom side with your own customer databases for reporting, online self-care and point of sale systems and other CRM tools.

We tailor everything to your requirements and give the tools a look and feel that matches your brand. Read more about Operational Support and Business Support systems.

If an MVNE tells you they flick a switch and it all comes to life without a hitch, they’re either lying or they’ve never done a live deployment. Troubleshooting, bug fixing, integration testing, end-to-end testing and user acceptance phases give us the chance to identify problems in a safe environment.

The good news is we know what to expect in general—and give ourselves a cushion for the unexpected—and factor it all into our timelines. Then, once everything is up and running, it’s time to go live.

If you are a network operator, you’ll be glad to know we have a well-designed integration process that ensures there’s minimal (usually no) impact on current MNO processes and technology. We provide an extensive questionnaire where we ask about your current setup, protocols, protocol flavours and versions. Then we adjust our systems to yours, rather than asking you to make changes on your side. We call it our ‘zero impact’ approach.

Find out more about launch and beyond.