Each MVNO constructs its proposition in a unique way and must decide on a myriad questions, from activation fees and billing methods—per second, or per minute—to voicemail and self-care options. Service logic definition is therefore an essential task.

We offer prepaid, post-paid or hybrid multi-wallet options and we’ve defined complex as well as simple fixed-rate price plans. We also provide the full range of value-added services, from voicemail to mobile internet access. We’re very proud of our web self-care which we can customise to any language you need. Today, besides English, we have Arabic, Chinese and Polish, along with Italian, French and Dutch.

Naturally, our clients want the option to refine their service offering as the business grows. With our experience, we’re able to recommend various approaches in response to changing market conditions. Our technology can also cope with ongoing developments in innovative data services.

Our engineers understand the platform and its systems inside out and will handle your queries and requests directly. Through a variety of support levels, we ensure your MVNO platform runs at optimal efficiency, day after day.

The MVNE service manager handles requests for all commercial and contract matters. We assign this person to you as an ambassador to safeguard your interests during the life of the contract. The MVNO operations manager is in charge of everyday activities (invoices, service maintenance, evolutions, change requests and so on) and is the key contact for the MVNE Service Manager.

We deliver normal service coverage from 9am-6pm during business days. Special service coverage (incident management) is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The MVNE network operation centre handles problems related to system availability (MVNE platform connectivity) and ensures smooth communication during any outages.

The goal is to have your MVNO running 24/7. Since not all parts of our platform and tools are subject to the same strains, we offer a variety of SLAs for elements such as CRM, document management, self care, IVR, and modules for reloading (prepaid) and billing (postpaid). The most mission critical and high-stress components have the most stringent SLAs.

For each MVNE service, we define the targeted ‘service availability’ and ‘planned downtime’. If the service fails to meet these criteria for your MVNO, you’re entitled to a compensation credit. We undertake full and regular service reporting as well as offering reporting and meetings on demand where we debrief on any incidents and make recommendations for the next period as needed.

Incidents & escalation

Incident reports are made through the trouble-ticketing module of the CRM system and sent to our Network Operation Centre. Any incident is tracked and reported—and, of course, resolved. In an emergency, your first call is to the MVNO operations manager.

In normal situations, this is all that’s needed to fix any issues. In exceptional cases, you may feel it necessary to escalate an issue to solve a problem quickly and bypass the reporting chain. Effortel is a fairly flat organisation and our CEO is unusual in having years of experience at the sharp end of telecom operations. So in the rare event of a crisis, we take things straight to the top.

Battle tested

Most of our technical team members have been with Effortel since the beginning, and no one has worked less than four years for the company. This means everyone has participated in all deployments, integrations and launches, and thus know the deployment projects inside out.