The screenshots in the sections below give a snapshot of our BSS tools in action.

Our reporting system is a marketer’s dream, providing subscriber data on every conceivable MVNO operational statistic. From the number of activations, customers and calls, to information on the amount and frequency of top-ups or post-paid credit balances, our tool extracts the numbers you want to crunch.

Our custom-designed self-care tool lets MVNO customers check their balance and call history, top up their credit and change tariff plans. We also offer many other features, promotions and add-ons, mostly related to telecom/retail integration.

Self-care sites are branded according to MVNO guidelines and give subscribers direct, real-time access to their accounts, thus reducing the loads and the costs of the call centers.

A simple web interface lets salespeople sign up customers directly at the Point of Sale. MVNOs don’t need to have their own stores, or even kiosks. Our system is installed directly in the grocery store or supermarket environment. Check-out employees enter the new customer’s name, billing address, price plan, and payment method into the system which prints out a contract and creates a record in the CRM.

While it’s essential to track subscriber information for post-paid sales, some countries (such as Italy, Russia and Taiwan) also require such data from prepaid customers. Our system lets you scan and manage subscriber ID documents in line with local regulations.

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems provide access to customer data for MVNOs call centres and back-offices. Many clients come to us with a sophisticated CRM in place for their core business. If so, we can connect it with our systems. Alternatively, we can provide complete software that handles subscriber information about date of activation, top-up activity, billing and price plan history along with any records of complaints and actions taken.

An essential part of customer care, CRM systems can be expensive to install and configure. Ours is cost-effective and tailor-made for the task. Of course, we will also design the look and feel of the interface in line with the MVNO branding guidelines.

The platform includes a sophisticated fraud detection and prevention mechanism, which includes safeguards to ensure that legitimate users are not penalized for entering incorrect data. This mechanism is implemented through a synergy between the Service Studio and Service Manager modules.

The platform can differentiate between types of fraud, allowing a different number of incorrect entries before imposing a penalty for each type of fraud, as well as imposing a different penalty on each type of fraud. For example, this mechanism can be used to block a subscriber from replenishing a card, but still permit the subscriber to make calls, assuming the subscriber still has enough credit.An automatic database lock prevents simultaneous card replenishment attempts. So, for example, when a subscriber tops up via an IVR call, the database prevents any other simultaneous top-ups for that account.

There are many other checks and balances. The most important fact is that the platform integrates all of them and makes them available for any prepaid, postpaid, or combined system.