While we own all the technology that
creates marketing differentiation,
we reuse your MNO partner’s modules
for the standard telco nuts and bolts.

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel or add a layer of complexity where none is needed. Every MNO has standard boxes—HLRs, SMSC, GGSN/SGSN—that work behind the scenes. While essential, these do nothing to differentiate your MVNO from your competition. So, wherever possible, we reuse the MNO modules, keeping your investment low and the ROI high.

In contrast, all the elements that do offer control of products and marketing are housed on our Intelligent Network platform. So your MVNO gets the best of both worlds—the same high-quality network enjoyed by the MNO’s regular customers, but the ability to tinker directly with the pricing and promotion mechanics that will influence the MVNO’s own customers.

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