We’re able to do it thanks to the technology that keeps operations ticking quietly along. Automated processes simplify operations and provide instant alerts when human intervention is needed.

Mobile Number Portability is a key part of MVNO and essential in saturated markets. We’ve developed our own in-house tools that allow easy switching of operator with the same telephone number. Our system works with various MNP models, whether managed through a central database (CDB) or operator to operator.

For prepaid customers, topping up has to be easy and immediate. Our system configures the reload values and manages the volume of codes requested by batch, as well as the validity and status of the codes. The system generates and sends batch files to the scratch-card, or e-voucher, supplier. These files are sent using PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption methodology.

Most MVNOs choose not to sell handsets, but every operation needs to manage SIM cards and MSISDNs, the unique identification number for each customer. Our inventory management system tracks the SIM card and MSISDN ranges as list-files and downloads them directly from the MNO. We configure our system to whatever flat-file layouts the operator uses.

For all our MVNOs, we track system bugs with a trouble ticketing system developed by Open Technology Real Services. While the CRM captures customer complaints, this tool fields the technical issues related to the platform and passes them along to our team to fix.

All our systems our monitored with a central application that uses Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to communicate with our platform modules and the components they connect with. The system automatically handles the monitoring modules and the nodes they check, manages schedules, adjusts thresholds, and stores messages from the local monitoring modules.

We provide online access so you can track your traffic in real time. The interface lets you easily monitor messages and nodes while a ‘ping’ engine regularly checks whichever nodes you select. You can also ask the system to notify you if certain parameters change, sending email or SMS alerts to the relevant teams.