Our platform offers all standard (and many valued-added) mobile services:

• Voice, SMS, roaming, voicemail, and mobile data services
• Flexible and innovative tariff management
• Self-care using Web, voice, SMS, or USSD
• SIM based toolkits
• Call-back, Call-screening, Mobile VPN
• Billing and invoicing, payment handling, financial reporting
• Full suite of Single Sign On BSS, including CRM, trouble ticketing, order management and more.

Our first MVNO was a joint venture with Carrefour back in 2006. Belgium was the perfect first market: multilingual, high mobile penetration, and with tight margins that forced us to minimise costs right from the start. It was a success from day one and led to new MVNOs in other countries both with Carrefour and other clients.

With so many MVNO launches behind us, we’ve got the process down to a fine art. So whether you’re planning a new MVNO or looking for a more efficient system for your current operation, we can do it quickly—without cutting corners.

With our platform, you can be confident that you have the support you need even if your customer base grows beyond your expectations. And because we run MVNOs around the world on the same central platform, you benefit from economies of scale.

Our prime role is hosting MVNOs on our platform to the advantage of both MVNOs and their network partners. Today, our platform in Brussels is integrated simultaneously with seven Mobile Network Operators and hosts 14 MVNOs in Belgium, Italy, Malta, Oman, Poland, Taiwan and Kenya.

Each MVNO is able to offer a unique set of services, tariffs, promotions and languages. On our side, we separate each MVNO by a ‘Chinese wall’ both technically and in terms of process management. We own our technology, a complete solution which gets you operational quickly and cost-effectively. We charge just three types of fees: for initial setup; per gross add (activation); and per active subscriber. These fees vary depending on the volume, location, complexity of project.

Effortel works with the top carriers around the world including Base (Belgium); Telenet (Belgium); Vodafone (Italy); Polkomtel (Poland); Chunghwa Telecom (Taiwan); Nawras (Oman); Airtel (Kenya).

Our mobile service platform forms the backbone of an MVNO network, connecting all MVNO back-office systems with the MNO partner.

Designed to work with any protocol on any type of network—including 3G and LTE/4G, the platform can scale up to 10 million subscribers.

A built-in suite of tools lets you connect with your customers fast without having to rely on the vendors who supplied the network equipment.

Service Manager runs the powerful and versatile Tariff Engine that gives you total control of pricing and promotions
Service Studio is a full-featured GUI that lets you quickly design services such as IVR scripts and debug them in real time
Web Customer Care has customisable interfaces that provide online customer care services easily and efficiently
Report Generator generates standard and MVNO-defined reports that management, marketing, engineering and accounting need to make informed decisions about the business and operations.
System Manager gives complete control over all network hardware to provide real-time monitoring and system analysis as well as a
variety of operational measurements
User Manager allows the MVNO to create extremely granular role-based security assignments for users, and to log all related actions

The beating heart of our hardware is hosted centrally and securely by our partner in Belgium, Level 3, in their Brussels facility. Our platform has fully redundant links to local sites and equipment across the globe, guaranteeing a minimum of 99.999% uptime. Level 3 can boast zero downtime since its creation more than 10 years ago.

We host some elements locally with trusted partners, such as Interxion (Spain), TeleHouse (France), and Netscalibur (Italy).