For MNO and IT companies.
Embed our technical expertise in your IT team with dynamic and skilled on-demand IT resources

The Effortel Elastic service addresses one of the key challenges of any organization — dynamic and skilled resource scaling

Having worked with global brands to provide mission critical real time services in the Mobile, Telecom, Financial and Retail domains, we have developed expertise and an enviable reputation that can serve your organization’s needs.

We offer this experience in the form of skilled professionals who can be onboarded quickly and efficiently for a specific project or as permanent employees, either short or long term, injecting our experience and standards into your organization.

The resources we provide can be seamlessly integrated in your organization, adopting your business processes.

Effortel Elastic serves both well-established organizations in need of a temporary boost of specific workforce skills, and newly created businesses that need guidance and experienced professionals right from the start.

Effortel Elastic — Quality Services to Maximize Performance

A service partner who can deliver quantifiable deliverables is essential to building a successful IT service.

Bringing in an experienced business partner will reduce costs and provide a high level of service that will position your IT organization to meet emerging business challenges and will generate significant value.

Integrate Effortel’s high quality teams with your existing IT teams to add depth and breadth to your capabilities.

Effortel Elastic covers:

  • CRM & Billing
  • Business Support Systems (BSS), Operational Support Systems (OSS)
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Run and Operate Services including DevOps and QA
  • Bespoke Engineering Services
  • Program and Project Management

As Covid 19 has changed work methods world-wide, the ability to partner with an established organization with the track record and expertise to deliver flexible expertise at scale, is more important than ever.

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